Five-Car Crash Leaves Law Enforcement with Critical Injuries

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A day that should have been the start of a new life for Fish and Wild Conversation Commission officer Kyle Plussa turned into a nightmare that completely changed the course of his future. While driving a U-Haul to the new home that he and his fiancé had recently purchased, Plussa was struck by a read more

Warning Signs and Culpability: Should Signs Be Multilingual?

Warning signs are everywhere, alerting people to potentially dangerous roads, debris, slippery floors, and other risky situations. However, a sign is only as good as an individual’s ability to read it, which is why a Guatemalan family recently brought a suit against Universal Orlando Resort.

Disaster At Universal Orlando Resort

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Tanker Crash Leaves Toddler with Brain Injury

No one expects a parents’ night out to result in a tragedy that changes the family forever. What should have been a regular date night for the Rocha family turned into a night that left three with serious injuries.

Early in January of 2019, Patrick and Angel Rocha sent read more

Rollover Crashes are Deadly in Florida

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Two young men were killed tragically on Christmas Day in Florida when their vehicle rolled over in the northbound lanes of Interstate 95. The driver of the 1996 Ford Explorer was hospitalized with serious injuries, but his two passengers were killed in the read more

Survive the Holidays with These Safe Driving Tips

Survive the Holidays with These Safe Driving Tips

The holidays are a joyful time, full of festive parties and gatherings with friends and family. It also means more people will be on the road during this time, going on road trips, shopping, and attending holiday events. In fact, the American Automobile Association estimates read more

How to Avoid Common Construction Site Accidents

How to Avoid Common Construction Site Accidents

The construction site can be one of the most dangerous places to work in Tampa and really anywhere else in Florida. Even though there are laws, rules, and policies in place at the state and federal levels there are still accidents happening that lead to injured workers. read more

What You Should Never Say After a Car Accident

Finding yourself involved in a car accident is scary. Even the most minor of accidents can leave you injured. You will likely go through a ton of emotions in the immediate moments after an accident and they won’t dissipate for quite a while. There are things that many read more