Tampa car accident attorneysTwo young men were killed tragically on Christmas Day in Florida when their vehicle rolled over in the northbound lanes of Interstate 95. The driver of the 1996 Ford Explorer was hospitalized with serious injuries, but his two passengers were killed in the rollover crash. Police believe that alcohol was a main factor.

Rollover accidents are almost always catastrophic and frequently fatal. In fact, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, although rollover crashes only accounted for 3% of all vehicle crashes, they were responsible for a staggering 20% of all fatalities. Even with the recent advancements in modern technology and car design, rollover crashes still cause serious injuries and death to those involved.

Increasing the Chances of a Rollover Crash

While you can’t avoid every crash, there are numerous ways you could actually increase the likelihood of getting into a serious rollover accident, including:

  • Driving a Pickup Truck, SUV, or Van – these vehicles are more prone to rollover than other cars. Statistically, SUVs are significantly more likely to rollover than vans or pickup trucks and they cause the most fatal accidents.
  • Speeding – excessive speed is a main factor in 40% of all fatal rollover accidents. The faster the vehicle is traveling, the more likely it is to rollover when drivers are forced to turn sharply or overcorrect their steering.
  • Alcohol – alcohol was involved in nearly half of all rollover fatalities. Even buzzed driving can increase your risk of getting into a rollover crash because alcohol reduces your judgement, muscular coordination and ability to control your vehicle.
  • Driving in Rural Areas – rural roads with limited lighting and visibility account for nearly 75% of all rollover crashes. In addition to poor visibility, rural roads are more likely to post higher speed limits and fewer barriers to prevent dangerous accidents from occurring.
  • Distracted Driving – anytime you take your eyes off of the road, you risk getting into a serious accident. Texting and driving is one of the main causes of single-vehicle rollover crashes.
  • Oversteering – when a driver makes an overcorrection and steers quickly to avoid colliding with an object or hitting a curb, it can cause the vehicle to roll.
  • Tripping – when a driver hits a guard rail, a curb, or an obstacle in the roadway it can result in a temporary loss of control. When a vehicle with a high center of gravity loses control even for a moment, a deadly rollover accident can occur.

Injured in a Tampa Car Accident? We Can Help

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Tampa or anywhere in the state of Florida, we can help. Being injured is hard enough, but when insurance companies don’t play fair, you could end up paying the price.  Rollover crashes can be particularly difficult to prove negligence and obtain the money you need.

At Dennis A. Lopez & Associates our Tampa car accident attorneys have the resources and experience needed to tackle complex rollover cases. With offices conveniently located in Tampa, Florida, we are there wherever you need us. Call us at 813-670-3296 today for a free consultation and review of your case or fill out our confidential contact form and someone will call you back.

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