personal injury lawyer TampaWarning signs are everywhere, alerting people to potentially dangerous roads, debris, slippery floors, and other risky situations. However, a sign is only as good as an individual’s ability to read it, which is why a Guatemalan family recently brought a suit against Universal Orlando Resort.

Disaster At Universal Orlando Resort

Two years ago, a Guatemalan tourist visiting Universal Orlando Resort with his family rode Skull Island: Reign of Kong. A warning sign near the ride notes that those with abnormal blood pressure, back or neck conditions, or heart conditions should not go on the Reign of Kong. These signs are currently only in English. As a result, the tourist—who had previously suffered from heart problems—had a fatal heart attack after going on the ride. The family alleges that Universal was negligent by failing to put up warning signs in Spanish.

Knowing the Needs of Visitors and Employees

Underlying the facts of this case is the obvious need for businesses to meet the needs of their guests and employees. Many workplaces that have non-English speaking employees invest in bilingual signs to ensure a safe work environment. Some have the same expectation for Universal. As a major tourist destination—the most frequently visited U.S. attraction in 2017—Universal welcomes about 72 million visitors per year. Reports indicate that just over 6 million of these visitors come from other countries. Many come from Latin American countries, including Spanish-speaking Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia, as well as Portuguese-speaking Brazil.

The lawsuit claims that a tourist location that tries to draw in international travelers should, by default, have warning signs in multiple languages. While signs do include graphics, as well as Spanish and Portuguese instructions to ask for help if necessary, some believe that Universal’s obligation to visitors goes beyond that.

Protecting Yourself After a Preventable Injury

When a business fails to protect its visitors or employees, they may be found liable for resulting injuries that occur due to their negligence. It’s important to seek legal help as soon as possible after an injury. Proving your case and the company’s culpability requires documentation of symptoms, medical care, resulting costs, and communication with the company. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney allows you to focus on healing while they build a strong case, advocate for your rights, and work to get the compensation you deserve.

Injured Because of Someone Else’s Negligence? Let Us Help

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