Car AccidentFinding yourself involved in a car accident is scary. Even the most minor of accidents can leave you injured. You will likely go through a ton of emotions in the immediate moments after an accident and they won’t dissipate for quite a while. There are things that many people wind up saying after an accident that gets them in trouble. Today, we will discuss the things you should never say after a car accident in Tampa and anywhere else in Florida.

Never Say “I’m Sorry”

One of the worst things you can say after a car accident is “I’m sorry,” even if you were the person who caused the accident. It can be human nature to want to apologize for an accident, even if it wasn’t your fault, because you might feel bad for the other person involved. You need to bite your tongue and stay as quiet as possible. If you utter this phrase you could put your chances of winning a claim in jeopardy.

Never Say “I’m Not Hurt”

Make sure you never say the words “I’m not hurt” after a car accident. This could easily be taken the wrong way and you might not be able to pursue a claim against the at-fault driver. Even if you truly are not hurt in the crash you should still let the firefighters and EMTs who responded to the scene examine you. It’s also important to let them transport you to the hospital for more in-depth tests and care.

Never Say “I Accept”

The next statement you should never make following a car accident might not come until days after the crash when the at-fault party’s insurance company contacts you. Make sure when you speak with this insurance company you never utter the words “I accept.” The insurance company will likely want to offer you a settlement. Do not accept this settlement without first speaking to an attorney.

Never Say “I Think That…”

You will be asked to retell the story of the accident multiple times. The first instance will be to the police who respond to the crash. You will then have to tell your insurance company, the other driver’s insurance company, doctors, and the your attorney. When telling the story about the accident you need to stick to the facts only. Do not ever say “I think that” when talking about the crash to anyone asking for a statement. Don’t give your opinions, just the facts.

Never Say “This is My Official Statement”

Avoid saying the term “this is my official statement.” If you utter these words you are handcuffing yourself. The official statement you give to police, an attorney, or an insurance company will be the one that entity presents to a judge in a trial involving a lawsuit. It’s best to prepare your official statement with the help of your attorney before issuing it to any entity.

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