With the school year now in full-swing in Tampa, there’s been an upsetting discovery in the area. The greater Tampa has reached a record setting pace this year regarding the frequency of school bus accidents. In fact, there are some counties that are seeing a significant increase in the total number of accidents taking place. For example, Hillsborough County alone is right on track to see an increase in these situations of 25 percent compared to 2017.

School Bus AccidentsEven worse, other counties in the area have posted similar numbers. In fact, there’s one county with a 27 percent increase, while others are at about seven percent.

These figures are likely quite concerning if you have children who ride the bus to or from school in this area. You likely want to know what’s being done, and what rights you have if your child is injured in one of these accidents.

If you are ever in a situation where you child has been injured, hiring an attorney is a smart first move. However, there are some counties in the area that are doing something right. Learn more here.

Taking Action to Prevent School Bus Accidents

There are some counties that have been successful in overcoming this trend of more accidents. In fact, there’s one county that has seen an eight percent reduction in the total number of accidents taking place, bringing this number down to its lowest since all the way back in 2012.

This has occurred even though the area is experiencing tremendous growth. The district in this area has attributed their success to providing drivers with more training and providing more frequent and careful checks of school bus driver’s traffic records.

Many are hoping that other districts are going to follow suit and take steps to safeguard the children traveling to and from school. While the population continues to grow, there’s no reason for these accidents to continue growing, as well.

How to Handle a School Bus Accident

If you have a loved one who has been involved in a school bus accident, regardless of if they were a passenger on the bus or another motorist, it’s best to hire an attorney for help. There are legal options available according to the law in the state of Florida.

Because any case that involves a commercial vehicle accident can be complex, it’s often a good idea to seek out help from an attorney who has handled these cases in the past. They can help investigate what happened, gather evidence and take the steps necessary to help accident victims receive the compensation they are entitled to.

If you need help after being involved in a school bus accident, contact the team of attorneys at Denis A Lopez & Associates by calling (813) 358-3706.

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