According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), nearly 5,000 motorcyclists died in crashes in 2016. The state of Florida leads the nation in motorcycle accident fatalities.

Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

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Intoxicated Drivers

When a driver is drunk, high, or otherwise intoxicated, motorcyclists are placed at extreme risk. Intoxicated drivers are not only distracted, but they are unable to think clearly. Some of the most dangerous and long-lasting injuries are incurred after a head-on collision with an intoxicated driver.

Distracted Drivers

In the state of Florida, texting and driving is a frequent problem. While legislators argue over details, police officers are unable to pull over offenders. Distracted driving is responsible for hundreds of motorcycle accidents each year – as drivers make questionable lane changes, rear-end motorcycles, or knock motorcyclists off the roadway altogether.

Traffic Violations

The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is when drivers fail to pay attention at intersections and turn left in front of the forward-traveling motorcyclist. Failing to yield, failing to recognize a streetlight, and failing to respect others’ right-of-way is an ongoing concern that puts motorcyclists in danger of serious harm.

Defective Parts

Sometimes, motorcycle accidents are caused by damaged or defective parts. In these cases, the manufacturer may be held accountable, assuming you can prove negligence. These lawsuits are complicated and often require the assistance of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

Aggressive Drivers

Many drivers involved in motorcycle accidents are sober and focused on the roadway. Unfortunately, something on the roadway has made them angry. Road rage can lead to dangerous, frightening accidents when drivers crash into unsuspecting motorcyclists. Often, in these accidents, speed is a factor.

Roadway Hazards

Motorcycle accidents are sometimes caused by general roadway hazards, such as inclement weather and hazardous conditions. An injured motorcyclist may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the party responsible for maintaining the roadway, but these cases can be difficult to win.

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No one deserves to be needlessly injured in a motorcycle accident. In the state of Florida, you have four years to file a personal injury lawsuit. Once this deadline passes, you can never receive compensation for your injuries. For this reason, it’s essential to speak to an attorney and sort through your legal options as soon as possible.

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