Preventing InjuriesYou get up every morning, go through the same routine, sit in traffic, and wind up at work. What you do while at work determines whether or not you will return home safely that night. Even if you don’t work in a profession that is known to be dangerous (construction, emergency services, hazardous materials, etc.) you can still wind up suffering an injury. Safety in the workplace is a topic that every company preaches to its employees, even the most experienced ones. The slightest accident could lead to serious injuries. Here are five tips for preventing injuries on the job in Tampa.

1. Adhere to Safety Policies and Procedures

Your employer has created various safety policies and procedures for a reason; to keep everyone who steps foot into the workplace safe at all times. You need to adhere to them whenever you are at work. They should become your guidelines for how you conduct yourself at work and perform your job duties. Even the smallest deviation from a policy or procedure could cause an accident that costs the company millions of dollars in product losses and injury settlement payments.

2. Wear PPE

PPE is short for personal protective equipment. This is gear that protects workers in various professions from the dangers of their job. If your employer issues you PPE for work there’s a reason for it and you should wear it when required. PPE includes goggles, gloves, full-body suits, helmets, ear plugs, hard hats, boots, harnesses and much more. Don’t risk suffering an injury because you left the PPE in your locker or in your truck. Take the extra minute or two and retrieve the gear before beginning your workday.

3. Attend Safety Training

Many employers will provide employees with safety training throughout the year. Some of it will be mandatory, while other sessions will be optional based on your job duties. Either way, make sure you attend plenty of safety training, especially if you are being reassigned within the company or given additional tasks that you’ve never handled in the past. These courses might be repetitive for some, but you might pick up on a tip that could wind up saving your life if you are ever involved in a workplace accident or precarious situation.

4. Never Take Shortcuts

When it comes to your safety on the job you should never take shortcuts. This is one of the most important tips offered in this post. Shortcuts might save you a minute here or there, but they could wind up costing you your life. Shortcuts are never a smart idea, especially when working with power tools, chemicals, or other dangerous items in the workplace. You’re better off taking your time to complete a task so it is done the right way and safely.

5. Use Proper Lifting Techniques

Lastly, and certainly not least, is to use proper lifting techniques. You might not think that how you lift even the smallest box can affect you but it can. Make sure you always lift with your knees bent and using the lower half of your body. You should never try to lift something only using the power of your upper body. This is how people hurt their backs and find themselves out of work for lengthy periods.

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