Experienced Tampa Rear-End Car Accident Lawyers

Tampa Rear End Car Accident Lawyers So, you got in a car accident in Florida. You got hit from behind through no fault of your own. So, why would you need a car accident lawyer. There are many reasons, including the following:

  • You may have injuries that are not readily visible. Sometimes, after a car accident, injuries can present themselves hours or even days later. You need a professional to guide you through what to do to protect yourself.
  • You must find out if you can be found at fault. A rear-end car accident can sometimes go either way. The driver from behind might claim that you came to a sudden stop or did something to cause the auto accident. A reconstruction of the accident scene might be necessary. Factors used when determining fault include traffic violations, speed of the cars, position of the cars, physical evidence, and witness statements. A skilled attorney will be able to combine all these factors and advise you of whether you have a case or not.
  • If you don’t have an attorney, the insurance companies might shortchange you and try to give you as little as possible. This is standard procedure. An attorney can help you make sure that you get the settlement you deserve. You may need money to pay medical bills, to fix your car, for pain and suffering, or, if it is bad enough, a reduced quality of life.
  • Some drivers have minimal insurance or no insurance at all. A lawyer can help you navigate through the process and help you understand what your options are to get compensated for any pain and suffering.
  • If you don’t have visible injuries and your car isn’t badly damaged, the insurance company might think you are exaggerating your injuries to get more money. A rear-end car accident attorney will be there to defend your allegations and provide medical proof of all your injuries. The human body is not designed to take an impact, but the car is, so that could explain little car damage with significant bodily injuries.

Understanding Rear-End Car Accidents

Rear-end car accidents are the most common types of automobile collisions. They can be caused by several reasons, including tailgating, distracted driving, road defects, faulty brake lights, or just plain negligence. Drivers today can be distracted by a few reasons, including texting while driving, talking on the phone, reaching down to the floor to pick something up, drinking their coffee, putting on makeup, or many other reasons. Having an attorney will help you get to the truth of what happened that caused the accident.

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So, finding an experienced Tampa rear-end car accident lawyer is critical if you have been involved in this kind of car accident. Going without a personal injury attorney can be detrimental, both financially and emotionally. If you have been in a rear-end car accident call Dennis A. Lopez & Associates at (813) 223-1977 for a FREE consultation.